Editorials and Commentary

New works will be available to view each week after Tuesday. The right margin below features different methods and genres of electronic writing organised on separate pages.



One Response to “Editorials and Commentary”

  1. Print culture introduced many new genres of writing in the literary arts. We have a variety of different modes of fiction, including the novel, the long poem, the sonnet, the tragi-comic play, etc. Most, if not all, of the genres differentiate themselves partly by changes in voice. Epic Novels can evoke omniscient historical narratives that are able to summarize many different events and times in a single work. Epistolary novels offer a much more individual and private sense of voice; reading them puts the audience within the framework of a single mind, speaking to a single reader. Poems, too, can appear confessional in tone or highly anthemic. Does the screen inspire a new range of voices? Does it perhaps do away with the voice altogether in order to focus on other modes of sense perception and communication? What are your thoughts?

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